If you have ever wanted to glide across a dance floor and show the world a graceful and exquisite routine, ballroom lessons at the Crystal Ballroom Dance Club are what you need. Our team of qualified instructors are now offering custom-tailored dance lessons for people with experience to even the most uncoordinated individuals. We offer specialized training in the art of Ballroom Dancing, Swing Dancing, Salsa Dancing, and much more! Let The Crystal Ballroom Dance Club instructors introduce you to a new world and help you become what you’ve always dreamed of. . . A DANCER!

Whether you’re taking lessons, dancing socially or performing in front of an audience, you need to be in the moment, focusing on what you’re doing, not worrying about the horrible day you had at work or dreading the challenges, real or imagined, that life has in store for you tomorrow. Life Lessons from Ballroom Dancing by Gary Hilson