The Dance Orlando Club has been around for quite a while now, teaching new students and current ones the love and appreciation for dance. A variety of dances are taught with three different categories American Rhythm, International Latin, and American Smooth. Each instructor has carefully mastered their dance and with years of experience, we can reassure you are in good hands. Now the real question to get you started on this journey is what type of dancing student are you? Do you qualify as a general dancing student; this category is for anyone who is interested in learning more about dancing’s dos and don’ts. The focus is on becoming a good “social party dancer”. It only takes about 24 lessons to become a good social dancer! Or are you the hobbyist dancing student? These students continue taking Dance Lessons and going to Ballroom Dance Parties beyond the working basics.

They have made dancing their hobby and it keeps them happy and healthy. Much like someone would go to the gym three times a week, these folks dance three times a week. Imagine how awesome you would be if you took a dance lesson once a week for the next two years! And lastly, the competitive dance; the name speaks for itself. It is serious fun to be a competitive student. These students enjoy performing and all the glory that comes with it. Weekend excursions to Ballroom Dancing Competitions, all over the country, fill these dancers’ schedules. You can start competing at a beginner level after only 20 lessons! Just so you know it is not required to have a partner to learn, your instructor and you is all that is needed to become the dancer you have always wanted to be.

Dance Orlando Club is committed to your success in the learning of ballroom dances and more. We also cater to the dance students beyond just lessons. Weekly, our main instructors will teach a group class of their preferred dance style for all to enjoy. It creates a more comfortable environment learning alongside of beginners just like you. But, it does not only stop there The Crystal Ballroom Dance Orlando Club also puts together dance socials twice a week Wednesdays and Fridays for all students to enjoy and meet others who share the same passion. For more information check out our website at or contact Trish, head of dance department at (407) 681-2710