One of the biggest questions about learning how to dance is, “Which dance type should I learn?” Ballroom? Salsa? Swing?

It depends.

What do you want to get out of your dancing? There are many reasons why people choose to take dance lessons…couples wanting to have a wholesome activity to do together…single men or women wanting to mingle…some wanting to be noticed for being a good dancer while others want to just have fun and get some great exercise!

There are many types of dances that fulffuill different benefits for different people. There are many social situations that require different styles of dance. For instance, if you are out at a place having drinks and a slow song comes on and you want to dance with your wife, you can use night club 2 step, making her feel like a star.

I have had many couples take lessons for a few months and then go on a cruise. When the fun music begins, the hustle, the single time swing or the cha-cha are typical styles that can be used.

The West Coast swing is super fun and can be used in many pop music situations, ranging from country to r&b to top 40, jazz or disco. The ballroom dances such as the Waltz or the Foxtrot are for the hobbiest. They are truly fun and work in many social situations as well.

All styles of ballroom or Latin dance can be used for every social situation. That’s why learning all of them is a great solution to enhancing one’s lifestyle. Going out with friends & loved ones becomes a more memorable experience because of dance!