Trying repeating that three times? The Dance Orlando Club and its dedicated instructors provide an experience that many dance studios can’t commit towards.  Not only do our instructors teach you to ballroom dance they will take you to dance as well. Our instructors believe in a hands on approach, and with careful detail they will transform you to the dancer you’ve always wanted to become.  The big step is learning the moves and mastering them to your comfort level. Here at The Dance Orlando Club hosts dance socials as well where you can strut your moves and with your Pro party partner you can execute them successfully.

Sometimes it can get quite frustrating when you have been practicing and practicing your dance moves and when you attend an event just the waiting process for someone to ask you to dance it can be somewhat stressful. And then you start to ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines at most events?
  • Can’t find a good partner?
  • Have you struggled to find fun places to go dancing at?
  • Don’t have anyone you know who would want to go out dancing with you?

No Worries, with a Pro Party Partner those questions are irrelevant and the enjoyment of going out once again is fun. Dance with your dream dance partner, try something fun and feel happy. Call today and Your Professional Party Partner will review the calendar with you and pick some dances that are available for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday for the upcoming weekend. Your Professional Party Partner will dance with you all evening long. This is truly the ultimate lesson. Dancing for hours is a great way to build natural movements and muscle memory as well as get fit. There are many benefits with dancing and getting fit is the best part. The Dance Orlando Club is committed to assisting you in your ballroom dancing needs. Contact us for more information and get to know our dance instructors they all have a story to tell and dancing is the main feature. So take control of your social life and get out there.