Dance is a popular way for people to express themselves and has been for many decades. Starting as early as the 15th-century, dance has evolved and changed breaking into different styles. These are the most popular.

#1 – Ballet

Ballet is a hard style of dance to learn but is the most rewarding if given a serious commitment. It originated in the early 15th century and has become one of the largest influencers for other dance styles. What people don’t know is that there are three different types of ballet. Classical, which is the traditional “The Nutcracker” style. Neoclassical which has quicker and more urgent type of movements and contemporary ballet which focuses on the dancer’s physical expression and the pure movement.

#2 – Jazz Dance

One element of jazz music that most people don’t know is that this style of dance is based on improvising and originality and not a choreographed dance. Jazz has even evolved throughout the decades starting with the New Orleans style of Jazz to a high-energy style that would match the music of Michael Jackson.

#3 – Hip-Hop

One of the most popular descendants of jazz dance is hip-hop. Emerging in the late 70s hip-hop style dancing started with breakdancing and has evolved into dances like the Shoulder Lean, Dabbing and the Soulja Boy.

Hip-hop dancing has also changed with the evolution of rap music. Video games also have an influence on hip-hop dancing today. Video games like FORTNITE increasing in popularity dances like The Floss have become more popular in music videos and in clubs.

#4 – Latin Dancing

Latin dancing is a broad term that can consist of multiple styles of dance. Salsa, Tango, and Flamenco are just a few popular types within this broad spectrum. All three of these dances require mixed footwork with intricate hand movements to be completed properly.

#5 – Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance is a style that continues to challenge and change the traditional ideas of dance. Although similar to Modern dance, contemporary dance focuses more on a collaborative whole-body movement of the dancer while modern stems from ballet.

#6 – Tap Dance

Another dance style that has evolved from jazz is Tap. This type of dancing involves metal plates attached to the dancer’s shoes, at the heel and toe. The dancers use bold, sharp movements to create a rhythm or pattern within their dance. Popular in naturally expressive people, tap dancing has become prevalent on the Broadway Stage.

#7 – Modern Dance

A common mistake in the dance world is that contemporary dance and modern dance is the same thing. Modern dance stems from the breaking of the rules of ballet dance instead of the collaborative whole-body style of contemporary. Modern dance focuses on the inner expression of the dancer.

#8 – Western

Western dancing was created by the fusion of jazz and folk. Common types of western style are line dancing, two-step or waltzes. Although jazz had an influence on western dance many variations of western dance can be interpreted from polkas and other popular folk dances.