When deciding on the style of dance that’s right for you, it’s important to consider your goals. Do you want to improve your flexibility? Are you trying not to make a fool out of yourself at your next company party? Are you going to be getting married in the near future and need to pull together a few moves for your first dance? No matter what your aim is, there is a style of dance out there that will best suit your goals.

Fitness Goals

If you’re trying to up your fitness game, there are a few styles of dance that will help you achieve this goal more quickly and efficiently. You’ve probably seen your gym’s dance classes going on and wondered what the style is called. Some of the most popular fitness dancing styles are:



-Hip Hop

-Stair Stepping

-Belly Dancing

These styles of dance will not only burn some serious calories, they can improve your balance, strengthen your bones, and tone your muscles. Most classes held at fitness centers will cater to beginners as well, so you don’t need to hesitate to sign up if you feel like you won’t be good enough!

Special Events

Another popular reason why people learn to dance is for a specific event- be it a wedding or other significant social event. Often times, these styles of dance will be much more sophisticated than your typical exercise fitness class, and will require a few months of practice before you really begin to master them. Referred to as “ballroom dances” or “social dances”, some of the most popular styles include:


-Traditional Waltz


-Cha Cha


Whichever you choose to take on, you can rest assured that you will get some good reactions if you practice and perform them well during your event!

Social Goals

If your motivation for learning to dance is mostly social, there are some really fun styles out there that can be used in a variety of settings. Whether you’re in club, the bar, or a concert, these styles tend to fit well with the nightlife-type of setting:

-Hip Hop

-Jazz Dance



Whatever your style is, you probably won’t be judged too harshly if you aren’t a great dancer. What really matters is that you dance with confidence, and that you’re having a good time!

Now that you’ve learned a bit about some different styles of dance, it’s time to figure out which one your goal most closely aligns with. Don’t be afraid to try out a few different styles, or even combine a few different ones in the process!