1. 20 Great Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

    It's the few months leading up to one of the biggest days of your life- your wedding day. Part of that is your first dance with your new husband/wife. The song you choose for this moment will be one that will forever be remembered as "your song" that you and your spouse first danced to. When choosing your first dance style and song, it is important to consider the style you want. It is also import…Read More

  2. What Dance Type Should I Learn?

    One of the biggest questions about learning how to dance is, "Which dance type should I learn?" Ballroom? Salsa? Swing? It depends. What do you want to get out of your dancing? There are many reasons why people choose to take dance lessons...couples wanting to have a wholesome activity to do together...single men or women wanting to mingle...some wanting to be noticed for being a good dancer while…Read More

  3. Date Night Dancing in Orlando

    Tired of the movies? Are you ready to spice up date night? Crystal Ballroom Dance Club has you covered! Date Night Hero Break up the monotony of your routine date night plans. And don't even think about binging the next season on Netflix. This is Orlando! There's an affordable and fun date right around the corner...you just have to know where to look! Surprise your significant other with a night o…Read More

  4. The Dance Orlando Club

    The Dance Orlando Club has been around for quite a while now, teaching new students and current ones the love and appreciation for dance. A variety of dances are taught with three different categories American Rhythm, International Latin, and American Smooth. Each instructor has carefully mastered their dance and with years of experience, we can reassure you are in good hands. Now the real questio…Read More

  5. Getting into Dance?

    Professional dancing is very intriguing and enjoyable for all ages. Perhaps you and your loved one have an upcoming event to attend to and want to brush up your skills for the dance floor. Whatever the occasion is The Dance Orlando Club has packages available to meet your needs and turn you into the dancer that you envision yourself to be. Our instructors can assist you to create either a custom c…Read More

  6. Would you like a Pro Party Partner?

    Trying repeating that three times? The Dance Orlando Club and its dedicated instructors provide an experience that many dance studios can't commit towards.  Not only do our instructors teach you to ballroom dance they will take you to dance as well. Our instructors believe in a hands on approach, and with careful detail they will transform you to the dancer you've always wanted to become.  The b…Read More