Are you a “stay at home” mommy or daddy?
Does your daily routine consist of cooking, cleaning, diapers, shopping, driving and on and on?
Are you craving adult interaction and conversation?
Are you in need of a little “me” time?

If you answered "YES", then you may be interested in our:
 “Dirty Dancing” Diaper Crusher Package

Time Frame – Once or Twice a week

  • Dancing with your Pro-Party Partner at a party once a week will be very therapeutic. Stay in shape, have a release, get good at something and get that “me time”.
  • Use the “Piggy Back Method” and take a private lesson before the party and get some fresh moves for the dance.

The “Dirty Dancer” Diaper Crusher Package helps stay at home moms and dads keep themselves on the “take care of” roster. It is so easy to let years go by with little focus on themselves. My mother has always said “all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl”, and lets face it, raising children is hard work.

Let dancing keep you balanced and in focus.