Are you nerve-racked about your first dance at your wedding?
Is your spouse planning on doing the “rock, clutch and sway” (ugh!!) for the first dance?

If you answered “YES”, then you may be interested in our:
Honeymooner Wedding Package

Time frame – 2 months

  • Take 10 private lessons ; it only takes about that many for a nice looking dance that’s not too flashy. If you are looking to wow the crowd you should consider doubling the number of private lessons.
  • Use the components you’ve learned from your wedding dance and pick up a bit of social dancing skills. It will come in handy at the reception and on your honeymoon.
  • Learn a Jitterbug or Salsa for the fast dances and a rumba for the “lovesongs” or slower music. 2 private lessons for each dance should do just fine to get working knowledge.
  • Go to a Crystal Ballroom Dance Party with your “Pro Party Partner” (your teacher) and let your teacher expose you to a crowded dance floor and how to choose the dance and the song. Perform your wedding dance at the party so you can feel the pressure and see how you do, we wouldn’t recommend this if you’re particularly anxious and would rather save the dancing for when you’re around your close family and friends.

As a bride and groom you have the choice to focus on learning just a wedding dance or additionally you can add some social dancing skills too. Encourage your spouse to pick up some basics so you can enjoy dancing together more often.  Being able to dance with your spouse is an amazing quality to have. Dancing through out your whole reception is an amazing memory to have too!