1. 8 Popular Styles of Dance

    Dance is a popular way for people to express themselves and has been for many decades. Starting as early as the 15th-century, dance has evolved and changed breaking into different styles. These are the most popular. #1 – Ballet Ballet is a hard style of dance to learn but is the most rewarding if given a serious commitment. It originated in the early 15th century and has become one of the larges…Read More

  2. How Long Does it Take to Learn Ballroom Dancing?

    So you’ve finally decided to take up ballroom dancing, and the first few times you’ve tried have been pretty awkward to say the least. You’re probably wondering how long it will take you to get good, or at least past the initial uncomfortable phase. While beginners may have a tough time picking up the basics of dance, people who have danced before may pick it up a little quicker. If speed is…Read More

  3. The 14 Most Inspiring Dance Quotes That Will Motivate You to Dance

    While I'm sure there are dancers out there who don’t need the motivation to get out on the floor, it can never hurt to lift your spirits with a few wise words. Listed below are the 14 most inspiring dance quotes that will motivate you to dance, and hopefully inspire you to worry a little less while you do! “In Ballroom dancing, women follow men as they lead them through the dance, step by step…Read More

  4. What to Wear to Your First Ballroom Dance Class

    If you've never been to a ballroom dance class before, it can be hard to know how to prepare for it. Of all the things you've had to consider before your first lesson, knowing what to wear may have left you with some blanks. Let's discuss some of the basics of ballroom dance class attire to see what the best choice for you may be! One of the first things that will determine what you will wear to y…Read More

  5. 20 Great Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

    It's the few months leading up to one of the biggest days of your life- your wedding day. Part of that is your first dance with your new husband/wife. The song you choose for this moment will be one that will forever be remembered as "your song" that you and your spouse first danced to. When choosing your first dance style and song, it is important to consider the style you want. It is also import…Read More

  6. How Dancing Can Make You a Better Person

    Dancing- it's something we all do from time to time, but not all of us are dancers. Dancing for fun and dancing competitively are two completely different things that require two completely separate mentalities. Both take skill to some degree, but there is a lot more on the line with competitive dancing. While it definitely is not easy to be a competitive dancer, it does take a great amount of per…Read More

  7. Dance Partner Taboos That You Need to Avoid

    If you've been partner dancing for some time now, it's likely you've danced with a multitude of different partners. It's even more likely that you didn't quite love every one you've had, either. In the world of dance, there are some things that everyone knows you just shouldn't do when you're dancing with a partner. Whether it be for courtesy reasons or just common practice, it never fails that we…Read More

  8. Things to Do Before Going into Your Dance Class

    So you've arrived at the studio, and you have an extra 15-30 minutes to spare. What should you to do best prepare yourself for the upcoming dance lesson? While some may feel that their time is better spent doing something relaxing beforehand, others may feel that they need to get "pumped up" before they start dancing. Read on for some ideas on how to warm up before you go into dance class! Read No…Read More

  9. How to Choose the Style of Dance Right for You

    When deciding on the style of dance that’s right for you, it’s important to consider your goals. Do you want to improve your flexibility? Are you trying not to make a fool out of yourself at your next company party? Are you going to be getting married in the near future and need to pull together a few moves for your first dance? No matter what your aim is, there is a style of dance out there t…Read More

  10. What Are the Health Benefits of Dancing?

    So you’ve decided to take up dancing. No matter what style you’ve focused your attention on, each comes with its own mental and physical health benefits. While different styles of dance will vary in their intensity and level of expertise needed, there are many positive effects that dancing will have on your body and mind! Since dancing is considered aerobic exercise, it is great for strengthen…Read More