The difference between other studios and us is… we teach you to dance and then take you to dance!

The best way to learn to dance is to just go dance. Our instructors believe in a hands-on approach to teaching you to dance. Would you like to go out dancing on the weekends? Do you need a partner? Our Crystal Ballroom Dance Instructors are Professional Dance Hosts. Our teachers love to go out dancing on the weekends, and they want you to come too! Hire a Pro-Party-Partner now and go out dancing this weekend: It’s that simple! Call today and get a free 1hour lesson!!

  • Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines at most events?
  • Can’t find a good partner?
  • Have you struggled to find fun places to go dancing?
  • Don’t have anyone you know who would want to go out dancing with you?

Dance with your dream dance partner, try something fun and feel happy. Call today and Your Professional Dance Host will review the calendar with you and pick some dances that are available for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday for the upcoming weekend.

Your Professional Dance Host will dance with you all evening long. This is truly the ultimate lesson. Dancing for hours is a great way to build natural movements and muscle memory as well as get fit.

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