What Kind of Dance Student Are You?


With the help of our awesome Crystal Ballroom Teachers, becoming a skilled social dancer is easy and fun.

Becoming a social dancer is life changing. Just imagine how terrific it would feel to go out dancing every weekend. All of a sudden new doors open with new possibilities and getting out and being social feels good again. Getting in shape starts to feel natural and easy. Our Crystal Ballroom dance instructors can take you out dancing every single weekend.  Just check out our dancing calendar and see all the dance party possibilities. Schedule your lesson now, click here!


This style of dancer has far exceeded the requirements needed to be a social dancer. The hobbyist takes dancing to the next level, wearing  dramatic dance costumes and participating in performances as well as competitions. These dancers are all ages and all levels. These dancers are fit, fun, energetic and live for the applause.

Click here to see a pro – am (student & teacher) performance.

Our Dance Packages

Not sure which dance package is right for you? Take our quiz to find out!

1. Are you a “stay at home” mommy or daddy? Does your daily routine consist of cooking, cleaning, diapers, shopping, driving and on and on? Are you craving adult interaction and conversation? Are you in need of a little “me” time?

If you answered “YES” to question 1:

“Dirty Dancing” Diaper Crusher Package

Time Frame – Once or Twice a week

  • Dancing with your Pro-Party Partner at a party once a week will be very therapeutic. Stay in shape, have a release, get good at something and get that “me time”.
  • Use the “Piggy Back Method” and take a private lesson before the party and get some fresh moves for the dance.

The “Dirty Dancer” Diaper Crusher Package helps stay at home moms and dads keep themselves on the “take care of” roster. It is so easy to let years go by with little focus on themselves. My mother has always said “all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl”, and lets face it, raising children is hard work.

Let dancing keep you balanced and in focus.

2. Do you work at home? Is your job isolating you? Would you enjoy being around people more often? Are you a former social butterfly?

If you answered “YES” to question 2:

Wonderful Wednesday Dancer Package

Time Frame – Once or twice a week

  • Have fun with the “Piggy Back Method”, it will give you the best bang for your buck in every way. Take a private lesson on Wednesday night at 6:45ish and then dance with your Pro – Party Partner(your Teacher) at the Crystal Ballroom Wednesday Hump Day Party(about 50 other dancers).
  • Take a fun group class at 7:15 on Friday night(about 20 other dancers) and then dance with your Pro-Party Partner at the Friday Night Ballroom Dance Extravaganza(about 80 other dancers)!

The “Wonderful Wednesday Dancer” package is designed for a busy person. Not everyone has several nights a week free to go out dancing and socialize. Combining your lesson with a party on the same night is a great way to learn and have fun for people who have a “time budget”, not a lot to spare.

3. Is it challenging to meet new friends? Were you hoping to create some new friendships this year? Have you been wondering what the best way would be to meet nice people?

If you answered “YES” to question 3:

Crash Course Intro Package

Time Frame – 14 days

  • Take about 5 private lessons with a professional ballroom dancing instructor and work on the basics of about 3-5 dances.
  • Get comfy with a spin or two and the rhythms of each dance. Get some working knowledge on leading or following so you are aware of the techniques.
  • Let your PRO-PARTY PARTNER (your teacher) take you out dancing on Wednesday night, Friday night, Saturday night and possibly Sunday if you can still stand.

The “Crash Course Intro Package” teaching method embraces the timeless wisdom: “If you don’t use it you lose it”. This package is great for beginners because it exposes them immediately to all the amazing people that are at the weekend dancing extravaganzas! See the scene so you can decide if you want to be on the scene.

4. Are you bored with your weekend entertainment roster? Do you need new fun stuff to do? Want to go dancing on Friday nights? Want to go dancing on Saturday nights? Want to go dancing on Sunday afternoons?

If you answered “YES” to question 4:

The Weekender Dance Package

Time Frame – Every weekend

  • Your Pro-Party Partner(your teacher) would be pleased to accompany you every weekend to any of our local Ballroom Dance parties. There are places to Ballroom Dance every single weekend on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out our parties calendar.
  • Do the Free group lessons that are offered before the parties. You will start to meet a lot of other like-minded people who are ready to have a great time on a Friday or Saturday night.
  • Start learning the four most popular social dances and get good at the basics. Once your working knowledge feels comfortable in those four dances, start learning some of the other dances too. This way you can be out on the dance floor all night long.

The Weekender Dance Package is perfect for someone who works way too much to even think about dancing during the week. There is an amazing community of about 300 local dancers that attend all these weekend dancing festivals and all of them are friendly and fun. Come on out and see what could be in store for you!

5. Do you have a job that keeps you confined to a desk and chair? Have you been looking for ways to improve your posture and back strength? Are you craving a less sedentary lifestyle? Are you concerned about the amount of time you spend hunched over a keyboard and computer screen?

If you answered “YES” to question 5:

Get Up & Go Package

Time Frame – 14 days

  • Do Dance 5 times a week
  • Make sure you have both, smooth and rhythm, dances in your curriculum. The smooth dances will strengthen your shoulders and upper body and the rhythm dances will work your hips, butt and mid section. Smooth dancing will address and correct any posture concerns you have and the rhythm dancing, dances like salsa, mambo, merengue, samba, cha cha, and swing, will keep you revved up, and ready to do fun.

The “Get Up & Go” package shows results immediately. On your fifth day a dramatic change begins to expose itself. Your clothes will begin to fit more loosely and your posture strength begins to return. A motivation to do more and see more progress will start to drive you. It doesn’t feel like work because your teacher is probably funny and you’ve been laughing all week instead of going to the gym.

6. Are you nerve-racked about your first dance at your wedding? Is your spouse planning on doing the “rock, clutch and sway” (ugh!!) for the first dance?

If you answered “YES” to question 6:

Honeymooner Wedding Package

Time frame – 2 months

  • Take 10 private lessons ; it only takes about that many for a nice looking dance that’s not too flashy. If you are looking to wow the crowd you should consider doubling the number of private lessons.
  • Use the components you’ve learned from your wedding dance and pick up a bit of social dancing skills. It will come in handy at the reception and on your honeymoon.
  • Learn a Jitterbug or Salsa for the fast dances and a rumba for the “lovesongs” or slower music. 2 private lessons for each dance should do just fine to get working knowledge.
  • Go to a Crystal Ballroom Dance Party with your “Pro Party Partner” (your teacher) and let your teacher expose you to a crowded dance floor and how to choose the dance and the song. Perform your wedding dance at the party so you can feel the pressure and see how you do, we wouldn’t recommend this if you’re particularly anxious and would rather save the dancing for when you’re around your close family and friends.

As a bride and groom you have the choice to focus on learning just a wedding dance or additionally you can add some social dancing skills too. Encourage your spouse to pick up some basics so you can enjoy dancing together more often.  Being able to dance with your spouse is an amazing quality to have. Dancing through out your whole reception is an amazing memory to have too!

7. Do you need a date night out with the person you love? Would you like to do something new and different together? Did your last child just moved out and you’re ready to party?

If you answered “YES&” to question 7:

The Dynamic Duo Package

Time Frame – 4 months

  • Start taking lessons weekly and get confident with the basics in three easy dances. You will feel a lot of progress right away.
  • After about 4 weeks of lessons your Pro-Party Partner( your teacher) will take you out dancing to a party. Use this time to switch out dancing with the Pro-Party Partner and let him or her fine tune your leading and following skills.
  • Your Pro-Party Partner will teach you so much at the parties. Things like, which song goes to what dance and how to tell the difference is very important. It is also really important to be able to “drive” on a real dance floor filled with real dancers doing turns, spins and all kinds of things that might otherwise trip you up.
  • As a couple you will eventually grow out of needing a Pro-Party Partner to guide you when you are at a dancing event. It wont be necessary once you have learned to lead and follow each other comfortably.

The Dynamic Duo Package will teach a couple to dance and it will also teach them where to dance. The ultimate goal for a couple is to learn how to enjoy each other more and in more ways. It pays to take the time to learn because it pays you back for the rest of your life.

8. Are you struggling with your weight? Do you cringe at the thought of the gym? Do you wish you could lose weight without trying?

If you answered “YES” to question 8:

Do Dance Daily Package

Time Frame – 1 month

  • Go out dancing with a Pro –Party Partner( your teacher) every Wednesday ,Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 1 month. Each dance is no less than two hours long and your gonna have a great time laughing with your teacher.
  • Take a dance lesson on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Staying busy keeps you off the couch and out of your fridge.

The “Do Dance Daily” package could finally be the right answer to the timeless struggle of staying in shape. Even if you do half of the recommended activity in the “Do Dance Daily” package you will still see results. Additionally, in only 1 month you would become an awesome dancer. It is common to see significant weight loss in beginner students who made a decision to use dance as a tool to lose weight. Eat right, dance at night, win the fight, Become a dancer!

9. Does your job require you to attend special events and black tie affairs that usually have dancing? Do you avoid the dance floor at these events?

If you answered “YES” to question 9:

James Bond  Dancer Package

Time frame – 10 weeks

  • Take 2 private lessons a week for 10 weeks and focus heavily on being a good leader and/or follower. Get really good at the basics and don’t try to learn a bunch of fancy steps. Less is more when you are dancing on a crowded dance floor. Most social dance floors aren’t even spacious enough to get fancy.
  • Have your Pro Party Partner (your teacher) go to 5 dance parties with you. Practice picking which songs goes to which dance and how to recognize their differences. Get as much experience as you can dancing on a crowded dance floor.
  • Dances like Swing and Salsa are good to have for faster music. The Foxtrot and the Merengue are great for medium paced music and for slower songs try the most awesome dance of them all, the Rumba.

The “James Bond Dancer Package” is definitely the answer to your non-dancer status problem. The next time you get an invite to a fundraising gala, special event, or even a wedding, you can be assured after this program your going to look and feel great out on that dance floor.

10. Would you consider yourself a shy person? Does being shy stop you from really letting go and having fun? Do you wish to be less shy, or maybe a bit more relaxed in certain settings?

If you answered “YES” to question 10:

No More Mr. Shy Guy Package

Time frame – 90 days

  • Most ballroom dance teachers are funny, sweet and very nurturing. These characteristics help any student to feel safe right away in the company of their instructor. Shy students will latch right on to their teachers tender qualities and will trust those teachers to lead them into a whole new world of people and places, a world filled with amazing new and fun experiences. Take at least 2 private lessons a week, three if you can.
  • Trust your Pro Party Partner (your teacher) to take you out dancing at least once a weekend, every weekend, for three months.
  • Once you get confident enough with your dancing your teacher will begin introducing you to other dancers who would enjoy dancing with you.

The “No More Mr. Shy Guy” package is a life changing experience for the person who has been “held at bay” most of their life by feelings of shyness. With your teachers help you can really upgrade the fun factor in your life. Crystal Ballroom teachers are funny and really entertaining; they make learning fun and easy.

11. Have you always dreamed of being a dancer? Do you watch “Dancing With The Stars” and think you could do that, too? Would you love to wear a Latin costume and strut your stuff on stage?

If you answered “YES” to question 11:

Dancesport Competitor Package

Time Frame – 90 Days

  • Take about 50 private lessons with a Professional Ballroom Dance instructor who is a current competitor themselves. All Ballroom Dance instructors are capable of making you a good “SOCIAL DANCER” but only a select few dance teachers are experienced and qualified enough to teach, develop and mentor a “DANCESPORT DANCER”.
  • As soon as you are feeling confidant, commit to a Local Ballroom Dancing Showcase and begin training with your instructor with this goal in mind. This will challenge you to rise to new heights!

The “Dancesport Competitor Package” is designed for beginners. Our teaching styles are tried and true and will transform ANY inexperienced “dancer wannabe” into an amazing dancer! Your Ballroom Instructor will submerse you in the world of ballroom dancing. He or she will mentor you on all of the trade secrets and tricks in the industry. Topics like: shoes, costumes, jewelry, hair, competitions, music, and so much more!

12. Did your doctor tell you to take better care of yourself or else?

If you answered “YES” to question 12:

New Lease on Life Package

Time Frame – 1 year

  • Take a double private lesson (an hour and a half) three times a week
  • Go out dancing with your pro party partner Wednesday night and during the weekend as well

The New Lease on Life Package will put you back on track to living a healthy life. Even if your having trouble walking you are still a candidate for this program. Becoming an active dancer will help you drop weight and your blood pressure. Dancing relieves your stress and can cure arthritis. It will transform you into a new you in only one year. Just ask your teacher how many people they’ve known who’ve found a new lease on life by simply taking dance lessons.