1. 20 Great Wedding Songs for Your First Dance

    It's the few months leading up to one of the biggest days of your life- your wedding day. Part of that is your first dance with your new husband/wife. The song you choose for this moment will be one that will forever be remembered as "your song" that you and your spouse first danced to. When choosing your first dance style and song, it is important to consider the style you want. It is also import…Read More

  2. Your First Wedding Dance – The Most Popular Styles to Choose From

    When planning your wedding, you want everything to be perfect. For many of the things involved in your wedding, this requires practice months in advance of the actual date. One of these things involves not only the bride, but the groom as well. That thing is your first wedding dance. What may be one of the most memorable moments of your life, you’re going to want this dance to be as well-rehears…Read More