1. Great Place!

    Great place! It is spacious, elegant, good illumination and easy parking. It offers a variety of events every week, as well as private dance classes. The people is friendly and for most of the group classes, you do not need a partner in order to attend.…Read More

    Magda Vendrell
  2. Phenomenal!

    Love the atmosphere! The place looks gorgeous! And the dancing is phenomenal! Especially for a beginner.…Read More

    Amy Solano Ferrera
  3. Inspirational!

    It is an inspirational dance club. It's a wonderful place to meet people and the instructors are patient and so talented, they make you feel welcomed and comfortable.…Read More

    Marisa Carpintero
  4. Love This Place

    I love this place! So beautiful, everyone is so nice, lots of fun!…Read More

    Karen Crane
  5. Great Place To Have Fun

    Love dancing there! Great floor, music and atmosphere. Let's have fun!…Read More

    Adriana Albanese
  6. So Beautiful!

    It was so beautiful! The staff was amazing too. The Crystal Ballroom made my best friend's special day just that... Special!…Read More

    Nancy Robinson